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Perranporth Pavilion offers everything you need to make the most of Perranporth in one place!

The Pavilion Boatshed Restaurant

We offer delicious food, inspired by the Cornish coast and countryside to create fresh, honest dishes.

Our menu is inspiring, and when added to the fantastic surroundings and scenery at The Boatshed Restaurant, it combines to make it a stunning dining destination that you’ll want to come back to time and time again.


Visit the The Pavilion Boatshed Website to find out more, or just book a table now using the sweet widget on the left!

Pavilion Ice

At Pavilion Ice we’re completely obsessed with making the best ice-cream in the world… ever.

We only use the best ingredients, locally sourced as much as possible, and we use the most intense, sensational natural flavours to make absolutely everything we do taste amazing.

We love making our ice-cream, just as much as people love eating it – and there’s a flavour for everyone. So, try it today!

Visit the Pavilion Ice Website to find out more!